Who is Annalisa?

A respected and sought-after Business Coach, entrepreneur, six-figure+ Agency Owner, Financial Educator, and Lifestyle Influencer, she has inspired change in the lives of thousands of people over the years. She is the founder and owner of Elevated Assist, a Virtual Assistant and Social Media Management Agency, an agency that helps business owners elevate their lives. Annalisa is best known for her versatility and passion for seeing people live purposeful lives. 

Annalisa has been featured on Business Insider and Voyage Dallas. Annalisa also spearheads a life-changing program where she teaches people how to start a Virtual Assistant and/or Social Media Management business. With a goal to help everyone find a purpose and live a life of luxury and bliss, she enthusiastically teaches people how to create diverse streams of income as a Virtual Assistant and/or Social Media Managers. 

Annalisa is a self-motivated boss with interests in plant-based food, financial literacy, business, and travel. She strongly believes that her accomplishments are stepping-stones to inspire change in the life of others. From meeting new people to keeping them informed, and guiding them, Annalisa finds every aspect of her career to be abundantly rewarding. She continues to keep abreast of relevant industry approaches that keep her top-notch.

Annalisa is fascinated by opportunities that allow her to meet new people and guide them towards a better life.



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