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The remote job market continues to grow as more people are moving online. A lot of people are spending more time shopping, learning, working and socializing online than ever before. This means that there is a demand for remote positions that can help everyone shop, learn, work and socialize better on the internet! Sometimes a remote job does not  always mean that you have to work for a big corporation. There are many other ways to get into the remote job market with skill sets you already have!  I know it’s very overwhelming to try and figure everything out for yourself, so I put together a list of remote opportunities that you can start on today!


1. Video Content Creator

The earning potential for this position is unlimited! I know it can be scary to put yourself out there in front of a camera but there are many other ways to create content. You can create animated video content, educational video content, and even video content that helps people relax and meditate. The possibilities are endless. As a content creator you can earn money by displaying ads, partnering up with sponsors and through affiliate marketing. 


2. Blogging 

The earning potential for bloggers is also unlimited! Although blogging may feel like a thing of the past, you can still earn great money with a niche-based blog. Just like video content creation, you can earn money through ads, sponsors, affiliate marketing and your own digital products. 


3. Freelance Writer 

As a freelance writer you can set your own rates. You are able to charge either per hour, per project or per word that you write. Your hourly earnings can range from $25 to $100 the hour. This is a great option if you enjoy writing and having control of your own schedule. 


4. Proofreader

Yes! You read that right. You can get paid to proofread other people’s literary work. This requires no prior experience, just a good eye for grammar. You are able to proofread books, websites, manuals and many other projects. The hourly rate for this position ranges $25 to $50 the hour. You are able to find positions like this through or


5. Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant you are able to set your own rates and schedule. Virtual assistants can offer general administrative assistance, such as email management and data entry. If you decide to niche down you can focus on industry specific tasks, which would allow you to charge more per hour as an expert. There are many different industries to choose from such as real estate, e-commerce, podcasting, and service based business. Most virtual assistants earn between $25 to $80 an hour. 


6. Pinterest Account Manager

Pinterest is still one of the top search engines out there! Learning how to properly manage and grow accounts on the platform can earn you a lot of money.  Pinterest account managers can help create and distribute content across the platform. They can also help create boards and increase monthly views. There are many youtube videos and courses out there that can teach you the ins and outs of the business. Pinterest managers can earn $25 to $80 an hour. 


7. Online Tutor

There is a demand for English tutors across the world. This position requires no teaching experience, just full proficiency of the language. English tutoring positions are mainly outside of the U.S. You would be teaching students in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. The earning potential ranges from $10 to $30 an hour. 


8. Social Media Manager

Social media managers help brands stay consistent and engaged across platforms. Job responsibilities range from drafting captions, creating visual content, responding to messages and posting regularly. Social media managers can earn anywhere between $25 to $50 an hour.  


9. Translator

You can get paid to translate a piece of content into another language. This position does require you to be fluent in the language. Streaming platforms such as Netflix and youtube hire translators for their video content. You can also translate books, articles, and audio files. Translators are paid $25 to $40 an hour. 


10. Transcriptionist

As a transcriptionist you would be documenting a verbal conversation in written form. To be successful in this position you would need to pass a typing test to ensure that you can write the required words per minute. The pay range varies on experience and skill set, but you can earn $15 an hour starting. 

Take your time exploring these options to find what works best for you and make the choice to start working from home!


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