Why you should be working from home!

I know we have all heard the saying “ one source of income is too close to none “ before, and while that statement is true sometimes it's hard to add another stream of income. Everyone online is pushing the entrepreneur narrative and the hustle culture, but many of us have kids and other responsibilities we cannot ignore. Starting a side hustle that involves capital, time and resources you currently don’t have is hard. Thankfully there are side hustles out there that you can do from the comfort of your home, on your own time, and without having to spend any capital! I put together a list of remote opportunities that are not necessarily common but are very lucrative and flexible. 

Here is a list of side hustles you can start from anywhere! 

Online Mystery Shopper

Yes, you read that right! Just like a regular storefront mystery shopper, you would make sure that your online experience is smooth and seamless based on the checklist the company gives you. You would check how easy it is to navigate the site, their customer support and their delivery methods. This is a part time position with only a few hours a week, here is where to find it. Mystery Shopper

Search Engine Rater

Much like the mystery shopper you would be given a set of criteria to look for while evaluating websites. Criteria may include word choice, backlinks, images used and the copywriting used. This is a part-time position that requires less than 20 hours a week, here is where to find it. Online Rater

Social Media Evaluator

As a social media evaluator you would rate the ads presented to you on each social media platform. Since online ads are normally targeted towards specific demographics you would rate how relevant they are to your current lifestyle and interest. For this position you can have a self directed schedule, as long as you are working up to 1 hour a day. Here is where to find it. Social Media Evaluator

You don’t always have to give up a lot of your time or capital to add additional streams of income. These are all remote opportunities that require less than 2 hours of work every day! Adding any of these to your monthly income can be beneficial in many ways, it can go towards your savings, light bills or kids investment accounts! The possibilities are endless as long as you are open to them. 


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