Why you should be working from home in 2022!


Everything is shifting over to the remote world. There are remote-jobs, offices, and co-working spaces all around the virtual world. Switching over to a remote position may be a little intimidating if you are not used to working from home, but there are many benefits that come along with a remote position.

If you are intimidated by the idea of working alone, without a supervisor, don’t worry. A lot of companies provide extensive training and have developed a great co-working community within their company, someone will always be there to help!

Now let’s move on to the benefits. 

The number one benefit is the obvious, the “remote” aspect of it. The feeling of rolling out of bed and being able to crack open your laptop to begin work all while still having time for breakfast, coffee … maybe a quick workout session is very fulfilling.

Moving on to the second benefit of working from home, commute time! By working from home you are also spending a lot less time on the road. This means less time in traffic, less money spent on gas and car maintenance, and a lot less road rage. Not only are you completely cutting your commute time, but you are also cutting out your lunch spending. At home, you are able to snack on things you already have in the pantry, without having to spend a single penny!

And now the most important benefit of them all is you get to spend a lot more time with your loved ones. In a typical commuting job, you would spend the majority of your time at your office and the rest of the time in trying to get there. Working from home allows you the flexibility to spend lunch hours with your partner, friends, or family. Working from home offers a variety of benefits, you just have to find the right remote position that works best for you. 

One of the best jobs you can have and do from home is a virtual assistant. You get to set your own schedule and have all the benefits listed above! I teach you exactly how in The Ultimate Virtual Assistant Bootcamp. Don't won't to start living your life the way you want! 

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